Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music Player Review: qmmp vs audacious

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Anonymous said...

Actually, you can use the audacious skins with qmmp as well. Just zip up the contents of a skin under /usr/share/audacious/Skins, call it someskin.wsz, and qmmp can then use it.

It's got a few glitches, but they're not terribly obtrusive.

Anonymous said...

You're my hero! I've been using mplayer at the command line (wow, I know, right?) for years since xmms went away. Nothing has impressed me since.

But audacious? Winner!

The Open Sourcerer said...

I am very much looking forward to hearing your comparison/review. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

Personally I am getting very friendly with Songbird on Ubuntu (shame it isn't in the repos though).

It was the only player I found that could sync to my iPod Nano 4th Gen and the plugin library is just as much fun as the one for Firefox.

Now it does iTunes syncing both ways, it is getting very interesting as a decent replacement.

You're on my RSS reader!

Have fun.

jpmrblood said...

Because of your blog, I give a try to qmms. Unfortunately, all of my XMMS plugins (Freeverb, crystality, etc) won't work. I must agree with you, audacious2 is clearly a winner.

It's such a shame that none of the modern players being able to do the job what XMMS more than ten years ago already achieve. If you can point of today's modern GNU/Linux music player that able to exploit my headphone, I'll try to stick with it.

Until then, I'm enjoying your review here. Thanks for the information. :P

Anonymous said...


None of your XMMS plugins work with audacious either, how does that make it a clear winner?

And in case you mean something like this, both audacious and qmmp support it, as well as a few other players.

DISCLAIMER: I prefer mpd/ncmpc, audacious2 and amarok2, in varying orders based on whim.

Just O Bare said...

With everyone talking about how great Amarok, Banshee, and RhythmBox are. It's good to see some coverage of the lighter weight music players. That's not to say the heavy weights aren't good.; I just think it's time the light weights got some coverage too. :-)

Personally, I use Audacious everyday. It's great!

jpmrblood said...

Hmm... may be you are right. But, my 2 favourite audio effects are usable in Audacious2 (Freeverb3 and crystality). With an audioscrobbler, what else would I ask?

Áron said...

And qmmp 0.3 is now able to handle the .cue files (also the embedded ones) very well :)

Congrats and thanks to the developers!

The said...

Qmmp has an mplayer plugin, for seemless video playback support, but on the downside no real dsp plugins & no gapless or it would be perfect.

Audacious on the other hand is right there with everything EXCEPT AN MPLAYER PLUGIN!

Elif said...

I was using Audacious2 but the playlist editor and equalizer kept disappearing after minimizing and maximizing the player. Found out that it's a known bug. So I'm using qmmp now.